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Are you a reader? or a schoolboy or girl who is trying to learn English as an international language? What is the biggest obstacle you have when you reading, writing, or talking in English? I guess that it is the words you always struggle with. You discover a lot of words in your day-to-day life. But when you are trying to memorize them again at some other time, you might have forgotten them. That is totally normal situation. Because If you are not using them regularly, those words will be forgotten. It happens to me as well. So I came up with a solution for this and it is the Words Reminder App that I have developed in this quarantine time period.

One day I started reading a book since I have free time nowadays due to Covid-19, The book I selected was an interesting novel which was written in the English language. When I was reading that you, a lot of new words were found and I wanted those words to be memorized but I always forgot the word and its usage.

So there was an idea that came to my mind to develop an application to keep the words that I discover while reading the book. But then I raised another question to mind that can I remember the word itself? or do I need to keep that word with the sentence I found?. So the decision was to keep the word and sentence together in the app. So I created an app and it is the page I develop for keeping the word.

However, I must say that I am a very lazy person 😛 and I didn’t want to enter the sentence every time when the word is discovered. So I implemented an OCR module that will capture the words with the camera and make things easier with entering the sentence.

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